Best of Bits Part1 MAIR42

Modern Art is Rubbish Artwork

In this episode, we pick some of our highlights from the last almost 2 years of Modern art is Rubbish.

Sporting Baby Cheats?

Sometimes our conversations on the show can take unexpected turns in our Babies in Art Special, we discussed the issuing of doping in baby sports!

Babies in Art

Fakes online?

In our Fake and Forge it episode we investigated some dubious works that we found online

Fake and Forge it!

Banksy speaks?

Banksy crops up from time to time in the show. In an art news episode Loving Vincent and Impersonating Banksy, we performed an Instagram conversation Banksy had about an unauthorised show.

Loving Vincent Impersonating Banksy

Chris Burden getting Shot!

In our Artists in Danger episode, we talked about an artist Chris Burden who shot himself in the name of Art

A video of the Clip featured in the Podcast

Vandal Proof Art?

In our episode about the ever-playful Martin Creed, we discussed his work Lights going Off and On. We questioned if it is actually vandal proof?

A video of the Clip featured in the Podcast

Dada Racing

Mocking Shocking Dada Part 2

Sometimes we recreate real and imagined artworks on the show, in this one we recreate a German Dada performance which is featured in Part 2 of our 3 part Dada special. Links to Dada Part 1 / Part 2 / Part3

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