Best of Bits Part2 MAIR43

In Part2, we pick more of our highlights from the last almost 2 years of Modern art is Rubbish.

Fluxus Board Game Fun!

In this clip episode, we talked about the board games that were created by the fun and playful Fluxus group of artists, including Vegetable chess.
Hungry for more Fluxus check out this link!

Blood Head

As part of our spooky Halloween special, we talked about  Marc Quinn’s Blood Head. You can hear the whole episode on the link here.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

The Installation artists use a lot of materials to create work their site-specific works. There works range from wrapping an iconic building or coastline in fabric to building a giant sculpture out of oil barrels. In this clip Tom imagines that they would be very popular with their suppliers as they would have to purchase a lot of materials. You can hear the full episode here.

Jules Olitski

Many artist’s, of course, have jobs before they become artists. In this clip we talk about the time Olitski decides to try his hand working at a cinema. You can hear more about this late great titan of American art on here

Q and A of the World Van Gogh’s Ear

In this clip, we tackle the questions that people on google has been asking about, Van Gogh’s Ear! You can listen to the full episode on Van Gogh here.

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