Special Review of Brighton Uni Show 2018 MAIR10

An cover artwork for a pod about a Brighton Uni Show featuring a drawing of a Bull

Special Review of Brighton Uni Show 2018

In a change to the normal podcast, Tom, Marcus and friend of the show Sarah review a local Brighton Uni Art Degree show.  Join us we select and banter about our show highlights. Thanks for downloading.

Jana Solfronk

Coming from the Czech Republic. Jana’s work explores her roots. Creating Forms that form a ceramic forest. The work is embossed with a roller that her father used to create wallpaper patterns.

Email: janina73@me.com

Josh Cotton

His work explores the relationship between the maker and their environment

In a recent piece, he used Chalk cliffs to cast his work.

A Jesmonite and Chalk Sandblasted Tile. This is from a series of  5 tiles that highlight the progression of coastal erosion.

Another earlier work is the Udder table

Email: josh.cotton27@gmail.com

Instagram: @Josh_cotton_design

Sarah Hunter

Very witty and Tender work, using a lot of text.

Instagram: @jigglybitsillustration

Maya Doyle

Zen Illustrations


Website: Mayadoyle.co.uk

Nikki Willis


Anna Stoodley

Ceramic Artist

Instagram: @annastoodleyceramics

Irma Sri Partono

Created the Sculpture piece  “Shrine to Mother”


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Author: Marcus

2 thoughts on “Special Review of Brighton Uni Show 2018 MAIR10

  1. Hey, thank you so much for the mention. So glad you all enjoyed the exhibition!

    My illustrations were all done with ink or gouache paint, all handmade.

    Maya x

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