Other Art Ep76

In this episode we feature of our favourites from the London Other Art show. Talk about a Hunter Biden exhibition, Kojo Marfo the butcher turned artist and Essex Boys and Girls relating to an exhibition by Michael Landy.

The Other Art Show

Marcus visited the Other art Fair in London, it was full of excellent and interesting artists. On the show Tom and him talked about a few of his favourite pics. Links to the Artist’s discussed are below.

Dawn Beckles

You can see more about Dawn Beckles work on her website here

In Reality
She is Integral

Sophia Oshodin

Learn more about this artist on her website here

Fish for Dinner
Fearless in My Favourite Dress

Vanessa Endeley

Learn more about this artist on their website here


You can check out more of his work on the website here

Fluoro Purple Reef

Anna F Macdonald

You can check out more of her work on the website here

Dead Eucalyptus

Biden’s for sale

Hunter Biden the son of the President is to have his first one man show. His work is ranges from $75,000 to 500,000 an amazing price for a new artist. People are worried about the son of the president profiting from this connection. There is a concern that people may pay high prices and for the work in order to gain access or favour to the president. The gallery will not reveal the names of the people who bid for the works and reject offers that appear concerning to them Find out more on the Berges Gallery Website

Kojo Marfo

Was a butcher from Ghana turned artist. His work includes faces with VitHe values cows they feature in his art. In a BBC article he said “The cow builds civilisations,” . “In Ghana we use them to plough the land and if you have two to three animals, you can get a beautiful woman to marry you. In parts of India they are treated as Gods.” You can see more and read more on the bbc article here.

Essex Boys and Girls

Marcus visited and exhibition of Michael Landy at the First Site Gallery

Join Marcus on an Art Run of Mystery!

Marcus went for a Run round the Historic town of Colchester, and visited the Firstsite Exhibition he and Tom Talked about in the podcast


You can see a link to the CIA and Art episode we talked about in the show

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