Banksy Everywhere Ep77

In this episode we talked about Banksy’s holiday, A pepe the frog documentary that Marcus watched and our featured artwork is by Guido Van der Werve

Banksy Everywhere

Just when you think we don’t have enough Banksy they have been popping up everywhere. There has been a slew of new alleged Banksy works. One at the Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth. Which is miniature cottage with a horse in it. You can see more images and read about them on this BBC article One in Gorleston features a grabber machine like those from the arcades, on the wall. Another found in Lowerstoft is of Three children in a boat. It appears to be sinking as one of the children is bailing out water with a bucket.

You can see the video of Banky’s spraycation on this link

Banksy having an iffy day

Another possible Banksy image has been discovered in the Essex town of Harwich. It has been placed behind Perspex and has a security guard to watch over it. However we think that it is really dodgy, the feet and hands are poorly executed and message of the artwork is confusing, so doubtful it is Banksy’s

Pepe the Doc

Having watched a storyville documentary we talked about Pepe the Frog

You can see the various Pepe the frog Memes here on this google image search

Trailer for the Documentary Feels Good Man

Featured Artwork

Nummer acht , everything is going to be alright, 2007
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