Monolith Tintin Goldfinch Ep 70

The Sporadic podcast has Sporadically returned! In this episode we talk about why we have been away for a while. Also we talk of Monoliths, a Tintin Auction and discuss the Epic Goldfinch Book and painting.


In this episode we talk about the recent spate of Monolith appearances all over the world.

Tintin Auction

Tintin 1936

A Tintin art work has sold for $3.8 million dollars, a new record. It was a rejected cover work as it was too expensive to reproduce. It was to be the front cover for the Blue Lotus.


The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritus 1654

Marcus has been reading the epic Goldfinch book by Donna Tartt. It features the work Goldfinch by the dutch artist Carel Fabritus


We featured a new song by Tom. You can check out Tom’s music below let the track play and it will ask you to check it out on spotify

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