Banksy Breakout and Crypto Art Ep71

Today we talk about Digital art, Banksy and a Rubbish Artist.

Christies is having it’s first major auction of a totally digital artwork. The work has been created by the artist Beeple. It is giant digital collage of 5000 artworks created over 5000 days. It is called EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS. The owner of the work will be provided with a Non Fungible Token (a digital token that is proof ownership of this unique work)

You can see details and images of the Beeple work on the Christies website here

There have been digital sales before most notably in 2018 When a rare digital Homer Pepe sold for 350,000 PepeCash ($39,000).

The Homer Pepe

Also the same year a CryptoKitty called Dragon sold for 600 Ethereum coin ($170,000). You can learn more about CryptoKittes here on their website

Dragon the CryptoKitty

Digital works have gone for large amounts. “The Forever Rose” Was a totally digital work produced by the Artists Kevin Abosch and GIFTO. It sold for 1 million dollars in a charity auction.

Kevin Abosch also produced an artwork where he produced an artwork using his blood to write the unique wallet address.

Kevin Abosch Explains his work IAMA Coin

You can get more info about the Kevin Abosch IAMA Coin work here

Totally Rubbish Art

An artist from Suffolk in the UK Jason Alexander has been making artworks from the litter he has been collecting. He has been making them in his back garden. He has made things such as a stick man and a map of the UK. He hopes to encourage people to stop dropping litter. You can see a short interview with him on the BBC news page. If you have developed a taste for Rubbish you can listen here to our Rubbish Episode.

Jason Alexander a Rubbish British Isles

Another Banksy

Possible Banksy on the side of a reading Jail

A Banksy has appeared on the side of reading jail, this was the jail that the writer Oscar Wilde was imprisoned in. It is due to be turned into housing however campaigners have been trying to get it turned into an arts centre. Some experts are suggesting it may be a picture of Oscar Wilde

Angry removals.

Another buyer who bought the Banksy hoola hoop girl the girl with a tyre as a hoola hoop. Has been sent nasty emails about him removing it On Wednesday, Mr Brandler said: “If I hadn’t bought it and removed it, in two years’ time there wouldn’t have been a Banksy there at all.” There was a quote that appeared on the board that replaced the artwork “More people went to see the mona lisa after it was stolen than when it was the

Extra links

Interesting Blockchain NFT selling art


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