Burn Burn Burn Ep72

Burning Banksy

A person on the Burnt Banksy website set alight to Banksy work. You can see the video below


The Philadelphia Wireman is a name given to an unknown artist. These unknown works were discovered outside a temporary transient home in Philadelphia in 1982, the identity of the Wireman is unknown. They created over 1200 works. They are heavy gauge wire bound bundes of, of what looks like discarded rubbish such as cardboard plastic bags. You can see the works on the Fleisher Ollman Gallery website 

Burning Churchill

We talked about a lost masterpiece a portrait of Churchill that was painted by Graham Sutherland in 1954. The portrait was subsequently destroyed. You can find out more info on the subject. You can find out more about the the documentary on the subject on this Google search

Extra links

You can see more works by Graham Sutherland here on the Tate Website

On the pod we talked about the Song Get the Fire Bridgade by The Move

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