Bob Banksy Baby suits Ep 78

In this Episode we talk about a Nirvana Baby Lawsuit, Fake Banksy NFT a Bob Ross Doc and restored Vermeer

Nirvana baby lawsuit

On the episode we talked about the artist Spencer Elden who is suing the record company and all those involved in producing the Album cover for the 1990s hit Album Nevermind by the Band Nirvana

Bad Banksy NFT

Banksy’s website was a hacked and scammers pretended that Banksy was selling an NFT. An Anonymous person paid over $336,000 dollars for it. The hackers have now given back the money apart from a 5000 dollar fee. You can read more on the BBC website about the story

Bob Ross Documentary

In the show we talk about the new Bob Ross Documentary on Netflix

Bob Ross

Featured Artwork !

Part of a Vermeer painting previously thought to be of blank wall, has now been revealed to have had a painting of cupid on the wall all along.

Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window (1657-9)

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