Meowsterpieces Cats special Ep 118

Dive into the fascinating world of felines in art! This episode explores how cats have been depicted throughout history, from the mysterious medieval moggies to the spiritual significance they hold in Japanese culture. We’ll delve into the whimsical world of Louis Wain’s psychedelic Victorian cats and explore the witchy symbolism associated with these creatures. Finally, we’ll take a peek at how Picasso portrayed our feline friends.

Join us for a purr-fectly entertaining episode, whether you’re a dedicated cat lover or simply an art enthusiast!

Medival Cats

Cat mosaic from Pompeii

Medieval Cats

Louis Wain (1860-1939)

Beauties after the Bath (c 1800) – Kitagawa Utamaro
Two Children Teasing a Cat 1588 Annibale Carracci
A Kittens’ Christmas Party 1883
Madame Tabby’s Establishment (1886)
Cat Devouring a Bird -1939- Pablo Picasso

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