Art Meltdown & Beatles Booty ep117

This episode gets wild! We delve into the world of collaborative art, with two artists pushing boundaries to create something entirely new. But hold onto your paintbrushes, because things get messy when one artist threatens to destroy a priceless collection if Julian Assange meets a grim fate.

To balance the chaos, we’ll unwind with the story behind a legendary Beatles collaboration – a painting created and signed by all four members in a Japanese hotel room, now fetching a fortune! Forget ‘Sgt. Pepper’s,’ this episode’s about the Fab Four’s other history-making hotel room moment (and it involves paint, not psychedelics).

Tune in for a rollercoaster ride through the world of art, where creativity meets controversy and collaboration goes global!

Shirley Archibald and the artist Schwarz do their collaborative performance

@shirleyarchibaldart / @schwarzfineart

Andrei Molodkin

The Dirtiest Cup by Andrei Molodkin
Image of a Woman By the Beatles


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Author: Marcus

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