Bristol Versus London EP62

This show we bring you Pigeon art, Clowns, Banksy on the Tube and more Statue Controversy! Also talk of a possible artistic rivalry between Bristol and London?

Cabby Creations?

In the podcast we mentioned “The Artist Taxi” driver.

Pigeon Art

We mentioned an advert by Coke from the 1960’s

1960’s Coke add using Pigeons.

Carriage Creations

Banksy has sneaked onto a tube train to spray paint images of Rats playing with face masks, and he also sprayed the words Banksy in big letters on the back of the tube train. He made a video of it for his Instagram which you can see on the link below.

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. . If you don’t mask – you don’t get.

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Statue Appears

During a black lives mater protest a statue of a slave trader was pulled down and thrown into a river in Bristol. The Artist Mark Quinn has created a statue of a Black Lives Mater Protestor and placed it (without prior permission on the empty plinth) . It was removed within a few days by the council.


Art Work By Sam Weldon

You can here Tom’s music on this Link on Spotify

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