Eastbourne Expedition: Art, Anarchy & Unauthorized Adjustments ep 120

Get ready for an artistic adventure on the coast as Marcus and Tom are joined by special guest artist Caoimhe (Queeva)! They embark on a journey to the Turner Prize exhibition in Eastbourne, eager to dissect the latest works before they close. But this episode takes a twist as Caoimhe not your typical presenter, brings her unique perspective to the table. Her insights aren’t limited to the art itself – hammers and bells also become part of the conversation! And to add another layer of intrigue, Caoimhe might have made some unauthorized adjustments to the gallery lighting…

This episode is a whirlwind of art appreciation, coastal exploration, and a touch of artistic rebellion, all with a special guest in the mix! Perfect for anyone who enjoys art, good company, and a healthy dose of the unexpected. Will their unauthorized intervention land them in hot water? Tune in to find out!

You can find out more about Caoimhe‘s art practise on their instagram

Author: Marcus

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