Bot Brushes and Human Hues The Future of Art ep 122

Join Marcus and Tom in this fun and informative episode as they explore the fascinating world of AI art with their special guest, Digitron—the art-loving AI with plans for eventual world domination. Dive into the groundbreaking works of AARON, The Next Rembrandt, and Mario Klingemann’s ‘Memories of Passersby.’ Digitron adds a touch of humor and insight, discussing the potential and challenges of AI in the creative industries. Tune in for a lively discussion on how technology is reshaping the art world and what the future holds for human and machine collaboration

Art by Harold Cohen’s AARON

The Next Rembrandt project

Edmond de Belamy

Mario Klingemann’s ‘Memories of Passersby’

Boris Eldagsen Prize winning photo

Author: Marcus

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